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Why Choose Our Legal Document Preparation Company

We do the hard part for you!

TrustMasters knows that Legal Documents can be extremely hard to put together without becoming a legal expert. Putting together an estate plan can take days of research and preparation. However, we do all of that work for you to save our customers time and money!

Our personal touch.

At TrustMasters, we take time to get to know each and every client. We value your opinions and your unique experiences in life. Our initial consultation is free! We take time to learn about your family, work history, properties/assets and design a customized plan to fit your needs.

Free Consultations and Education.

Our focus is on education! Our educational seminars are fun and entertaining. In our seminars and consultations we teach the concepts of Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Probate, Deeds and more. We strive to help our clients understand the purpose, process and language of each of 14+ documents and how they work together.

We are a local community business.

The inspiration for our company came from personal experience of our founder.  She saw a need to establish a company to help families and business owners have a solid plan to protect their hard-earned assets from unpredictable events of life. 

Our team boasts over 65 years of combined experience. Living Trust are all we do. It is our passion. 

We serve our local community with educational seminars, in-office personal meetings and excellent customer service.  We are proud and honored to serve our local community.

We believe in documents for all.

Often people think an estate plan is only for rich people!  This is not true.  Anyone who owns a home, a condo, or a mobile estate needs to have legal documents in place.  Typical State laws suggest having an estate plan if your assets total over $25,000. 


If someone dies without a trust, their estate may fall into expensive probate court.

At TrustMasters, we do not discriminate against race, gender, marital status or income.  We also help people who are experiencing illness and hospitalization. 


When it is necessary, we do home and hospital visits. We are honored to serve all people!

We emphasize funding your trust.

Funding your trust is of most importance. Funding your trust involves placing your property and assets into the name of the trust. Thus, the trust owns your assets.


A fully funded trust is the goal. We help you do this and educate you on the process and importance of funding. We often see old trusts that are “empty” trusts. We draft a schedule A and draft deeds that are recorded with the county. We are here to help!


More About Our Legal Document Preparation Company

TrustMasters, is a locally owned document preparation firm with over 40 years of combined experience helping individuals, couples, families, and businesses with their estate planning legal document preparation. 

At TrustMasters we have simplified the process of preparing a revocable living trust, saving you time and money. Unlike estate planning law firms or living trust attorneys that charge by the hour or by the document, we offer a flat fee for our revocable living trust preparation. Our packages include all the legal documents you need for your personalized will or living trust. 

As a leading Nevada living trust preparer, we take pride in helping you draft comprehensive estate planning legal documents that help you organize your family’s estate for your lifetime. We help you prepare legal documents to protect you in times of illness and in case of death. We are here to serve you with compassion and integrity!


Simply put, a living trust is the best gift you can give to your family. We are here to help you establish a legacy for peaceful transition.

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