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Will Preparation

will document preparation nevada

Prepare Your Will Yourself

Estate planning is an important step. When you pass on, you want to know that your loved ones are cared for and that your assets go to the place you designate.


Having a will, or better yet a living trust in place gives you peace of mind and leaves a peaceful legacy for your loved ones.

At TrustMasters, we offer a flat fee for our will document preparation. Our packages include all the legal documents you need to personalize your own will online using our electronic will service through Aturna.

will document preparation nevada

Wills vs. Living Trusts - Which One Do You Need?

For those that don’t own a home, and have assets totaling under $25,000, we can help you with your will document preparation. However, if you do have these assets, what you need is a living trust. You can learn more about our living trust document preparation here.

Interested in our will document preparation services?    

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